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Thread: Music (Boy Groups And Dumb Blonds)

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    Music (Boy Groups And Dumb Blonds)

    I am so freakin sick and tired of seeing idiots like Nsync and BSB and Britney Spears being called Bands or groups or even singers. Half them have thier voices fixed over and over and over just so they sound like a real singer, not only that but most them are only in a group cause they were picked on thier looks then taught how to "sing". I think this is just another pice of proof that shows all people care about 80% of the time is how **** looks. Windows might look cute and all but deep down inside its a ugly black hole of sploits. Kid Rock was all anti-lip sync the last time i heard from him he was talkin about how against it he was... then again he goes out with Pam Anderson who is 99% fake.. Now i know this has crap to do with security but it is general chit chat about this world we live in. Im sick of these idiots calling these trained monkeys singers when all they are is pretty faces that people love due to thier looks. Now this might sound like a rant *because it is* but when the hell are the teen girls who love these so called "groups" gonna wake the hell up and see all thier cheering for are wannabe models who were taught to sing to make them look like they are accually sweet people along with thier good looks. This is one of the biggest POS since windows 95.

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    You're absolutely right, this has nothing to do with security.
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    You have to understand that society is almost like trained monkeys. The public is going to like whatever it is told to like. All of those dumbass boybands and pop music is popular only because it is marketed so well by the media. The same goes with windows. People like windows so much just because it's the mainstream thing. Everyone must realize that certain people will like whatever they are told to like. Well that's just my opinion.

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    Lightbulb Re: Music

    I know this has NOTHING to do with security..
    That's why this thread is in GENERAL CHIT CHAT.
    I hate groups like that..

    Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out. BSB, Nsync, etc.. just shoot 'em.
    Burn 'em. Bury 'em 6 ft. under. Make 'em sleep with the fish. Put 'em concreet boots.
    Take 'em out. Exterminate. Destroy. Kill. Eliminate. Void. Null. Absent. Gone. Disappear.


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    ummmmmmmmmm burn all the lil' lamer groups we need rock , metal , or ghetto
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    Question mp3 player

    I agree, there aren't very many really good rock bands around and the one's that are any good are playing the same old tired stuff over and over.... but here and there are glimpses


    .......... what mp3 players are anyone reading this using. I just play stuff of my computer but I'm wanting to get one of those little portable the "under $100" range...actually I'd like something in the $40 range if that can be had ... and it won't crap out untill after about 1000 hours of use (approx 4 mos at 8hrs/day).....

    Anyone know of gear they'd be willing to recommend???
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    I have no words.... Sorry what was the question again????

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    Yea, I hate them too. They wouldn't bother me, but their "music" is played EVERYWHERE. At home, I'm fine. I have my Marilyn Manson, and my Rammstein. I just listen to 1996 or Target Audience (and sometimes Feuer Frei) once, and I feel better. You just have to learn to ignore it, or drown it out with real music, whether in your CD player or just in your head.

    If you ever feel like one of those people or groups are getting the best of you, just imagine them hanging on the edge of a cliff for dear life, and you stomping on their fingers. It does the trick every time!

    I know there are some people out there that can't stand Manson because they buy all those rumors that the Bible-slammers spread, but anybody who believes that crap wouldn't understand anyway. He does not preach Satanism nearly as much as most like to think. The antichrist messages show up from time to time, but not all that often. His music is rebellious more than Satanic. Besides, ANYTHING is better than "Boob-Job Britney"!

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    heres a thought lets put grown men on stage to sing to teenage and preteen girls about sex and love and whats "cool" hhmmmm acceptable form of pedophelia or just entertainment??? or we can take britney"my boobs are real" spears throw her into the skimpiest clothes we can find and have her sing about gettin with this one and breakin his heart then on to the next guy.....hmmmm shall all our daughters grow up to be shady dimwitted sluts???? i know some will say "thats only songs they arent really like that blah blah blah." doesnt matter get some adolescent kid listenin to this over and over and it becomes the mindset . simplest easiest form of mass mind control available. with metal and rock when they sing of killing and whatnot it pertains to society kill society kill that umbilical cord that binds you to the "popular opinion" sheesh who wants to hear the truth about society and how messed up we really are. (society is bad? mind control? he must be satanic lol) if you really listen to manson's words his "anti-christ" lyrics are about anti-society he truly is a genius hes right their face saying ha im here telling your kids the truth about whats real and you cant stop me music is the most powerful language there is. it shapes the minds of billions everyday and govt and businesses know this thats why they pump billions into supporting certain people so they will sing their words for them.

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