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Thread: Apple MacOS IE file execution vulnera..

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    Apple MacOS IE file execution vulnera..

    Apple MacOS Internet Explorer File Execution Vulnerability

    A vulnerability has been discovered in MacOS systems running Internet Explorer 5.0 and earlier. MacOS X is not affected by this issue.

    File URLs may be used by a malicious webmaster to execute programs on a web user's local system. The exact path to the location of the file must be known. This includes being able to anticipate the name of a particular user's hard drive.

    • This issue may be exploited to execute "Speakable Items" in MacOS 9.0 and later.
    • This issue may also be exploitable through maliciously crafted HTML-enabled e-mail.

    Source: Security Focus.

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    Yet another reason to not use Micro$oft products....
    - Jimmy Mac

    Replicants are like any technology, if there not a hazard, its not my problem....

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    if you would use windows to start with you wouldn't have this problem

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