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Thread: Russian hacks into US bank

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    Post Russian hacks into US bank

    Russian hacks into US bank
    By James Middleton [28-01-2002]
    A Russian hacker was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of extortion and breaking into a US bank's network.

    Identified only as Nikolai, the suspect was arrested in Surgut, Siberia on 15 January after breaking into the web server of Online Resources, a company that provides online banking services.

    According to police, the hacker used this information to access a bank in New York.

    Nikolai then threatened to publish account details unless the bank agreed to pay him $10,000. To add to his threat, Nikolai published 1,500 account details online. The bank agreed and paid the money in December last year.

    But Moscow police were able to track him by his IP address on emails back to his house in Siberia.

    The suspected hacker is in custody but is likely to be tried only on extortion charges.

    The Moscow Times reported that Nikolai was unlikely to be charged for the bank's total financial losses, estimated at $250,000. If convicted of extortion he faces up to 15 years in prison.

    A spokeswoman for the Moscow computer fraud squad quoted in the Moscow Times said that Nikolai is a "21 year-old university dropout who hacked into a bank in the state of New York from his home computer".

    No details about the bank have been released.

    This article may be found here

    Reply to this article by namein which bank u think or know it was cause im curious of which bank it was cause they have not released the info
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    check out The Register

    In short..

    According to reports in the Russian press, Nikolai Nikolai broke into the web server of Online Resources Corp, a McLean, Virginia company, which offers internet banking, bill payment and e-finance application services to financial institutions.


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    I just don't get it.
    Why would he go to all that
    trouble just to steal some money?

    I say that because this forum is about philosophy etc.
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    I would say that it serves the fool right....

    Not that I wouldn't steal lots of money if I found the chance, but I sure wouldn't do it from home....

    Why can't people learn? Is there some flaw in the human brain that makes them think that if they do it in the privacy of their own home, they will be safe?? No!!! The saying that "A Mans home is his castle" is WRONG!!!... Its not a castle unless its got a moat, filled with big ugly things with big sharp pointy teeth and a nasty habit of gnawing those who go for a quick dip into tiny floating bits of flesh...
    Unless of course your home is a castle.... then the saying might be correct....

    I knew I had something important to say....... what was it again...

    Ummm, As for why one steals? simple, its easier than earning something... if you consider how long it could take the person to earn $10,000... but I'd say the person was a fool... $10,000 is pocket change!!! should've gone for $100,000!!!
    Coz I'm pretty certain, that he would've made more than $10,000 by the time he gets out of the slammer....
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