Vogon's Software Helps Nail a Pedophile

Vogon International, the IT forensics specialist, said that it was able to assist in providing sufficient evidence to prosecute a suspected British pedophile, after the defense team claimed that there was no evidence against its client.

According to Vogon the suspected pedophile, Mike Jayson, was convicted in Luton Crown Court recently on multiple charges and sentenced to seven counts of 12 months in prison, to run concurrently. The case was unusual, the IT forensics company said, because the evidence against him relied solely on reconstructed html files that were originally deleted on his PC's hard disk.

Vogon said that its technical staff, using its Encase software, was able to resurrect the files from the PC’s hard disk. It claims that by setting up PCs in the courtroom, enabling the court to view the evidence in the same way as the suspect had done, it could demonstrate that Jayson had accessed specific web pages displaying indecent thumbnail pictures of children and downloaded full-sized images to his PC.
article here - http://www.infosecnews.com/sgold/news/2002/01/29_06.htm

i am very anti-child molesting so i just found this article interesting