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Thread: Time formatting

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    Time formatting

    Quick idea: I noticed that recently the time a thread was edited last, shows behind the threads subject at different locations throughout the site - also the time a post was posted shows behind the subject of that post:

    AO Wargame posted: 01-27-2002 02:48 AM

    Maybe, instead of date it was posted, the time elapsed after that date could be shown, like this:

    AO Wargame posted 1 day, 4 hours and 5 minutes ago.

    After all, that's what you want to know anyway: "How old is this, how long ago was this posted?" Furhermore, you eliminate using zone-bound time.
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    That is really a sensational idea!! Cause I live in Australia and I'm always looking at the time, scratching my head and thinking 'what time standard are these people using??' If we had what you suggested, it wouldn't matter what country you are in.

    Great thinking,
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    i agree. i'm not really sure of what time standards are used here. sometimes i get confused. i am in America, so time zones are different from other places. i have a friend in Germany that i talk to, and i have family in Korea; so i have to worry enough with their time zones!

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    good idea

    Good's the little tweaks to the format that make all of the difference sometimes. That would be a bit easier to understand, indeed.

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