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Thread: Everyone's first hack!

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    I am a cracker

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    I will probably get "FLAMMED" for asking a question like this considering that this is ANTIONLINE and all but I am just curious.What was your first hack? My first hack was back in 1996 remember the (PHF EXPLOIT)(http://www.YOUGOTHACKED.COM/cgi-bin/...%20/etc/passwd
    That string printed out the etc/passwd file strait to my web browser all I did was save it to a disk, then I ran a crack program against it!
    The program I used was Alex Muffet's Crack. Crack came as a tar file containing C code that needed to be complied and configured, and a default dictionary. I've watched Crack chew through a 10,000- entry password file and spit out nearly 1,000 valid logins in less than an hour had root/operator/sys admin etc....
    I heard some hacker say on the internet "Social enginerring exploits bugs in human wetware to penetrate systems, just as CRACKER exploits bugs in physical software to penetrate systems

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    well i cant tell you about my first ever hack for some personal reasons

    I hope no one flames u for ur questions of curiosity but then again there are people here who just dont know when to grow up and have small patience for ignorance (Ignorance - lacking education) and many find these questions to be ignorant questions to be asked because they feel that "hacking" shouldnt really be talked about here due to the lameness of script kiddys.

    But by first hack was way back in time and not even worth talking about i suppose

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    u really found a site that hadn't fixed the phf one? damn I thout what was so well known all the sites had it fixed up anyway my 1st one was my isp's server that heald evryone's username/password I told 'em i was gonna be doing wargames and not to kick me off or 'odd' acctivity or anything they they told me to see how secure there site was, (there site was good jsut there user server)

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