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    OK this is for anyomne who knows? Do you guys check those downloads you post?
    Or do you just trust the people who you get them from/send you them? I have a Mac
    so do you also do tests with those? Thanks you guys have a great site here.

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    I dont trust anything from anybody, and you souldn't either. I don't believe aanybody here will just 'trust' a download. its standard procedure not too.
    always check anything you download, from any source, for trojans and viruss.
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    If you are referring to the downloads JP has on the server, i would be very careful in the use of anything from there. People have been known to mask a trojan as some sort of hacking tool.
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    For the Mac offcourse it´s harder to find nice programs, you just have to look harder. Or ask Ms Mittens. She uses them a lot too.

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    Arrow trust? what's that!

    Trust is for the niave. Even if everything in the downloads section were rubber-stamped as being "safe & sane" it would be poor practise for anyone at this site to neglect being cautious....kinda like putting the empty gun, with the safety activated, in a locked box, in the top of the closet if there are little kids around.

    1. keep your virus software definitions up to date
    2. keep your o/s patches up to date (whatever o/s you use!)
    3. scan realtime
    4. scan every download
    5. RTFM - read whatever notes are given, if any
    6. Test unfamiliar proggys on a system you won't mind having to rebuild while it's off the network!
    7. If you are using some version of Windows, before installing anything, even after you've tested it, backup your registry and know where your ERD is

    .... B u u u t .... other than that .... Have fun!
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    niborean - quality post.

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