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Thread: Speaking to Aliens 101

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    Speaking to Aliens 101

    found this interesting link...

    couple of cdn research students have worked up a lexicon of a possible method of communicating with an alien species using a binary text stream that -should- be decodable and understandable by a civilization of about equal with ours...

    The homepage

    The article is here

    The binary is here

    An explanation of the binary is here..

    pretty cool stuff...but then i'm a big seti fan...2009 work units done for s@home...
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    And remember, you should be able to get your laptop to interface with the alien mothership's systems within a matter of days of dealing with their 40-year old technology! That, and your virus should be terribly destructive. And the aliens are advanced enough to have psi and death-star weapons. Curse ID4.
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    Interesting stuph in the links, but I want to ask is what people think of the
    idea or motives behind broadcasts into space. Should we really be transmitting data
    about ourselves into outerspace? My thoughts are that no we should not.
    Personally I believe in the existence of aliens - the universe is of an unconceivably
    massive size that somewhere out there there must be the right circumstances
    for life to exist. But to wave a big banner and say here we are is something we
    should not be doing. What benefit is there in potentially pointing out to aliens
    where we are?
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    But if they are as advanced as us, theres a good chance that their version of Arkabama (the area that encumpases Alabama and Arkansas) might intercept it and god knows what might result. E arth whats an E arth. Let's hope if they exist they are more advanced than us.
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    It's a very interesting topic, whether aliens exist or not. I believe that they do - space is soooo big, we can't even begin to imagine what's out there, past our solar system.

    I wonder where we got the picture of the alien as having the small body with a large head and those well-known BIG black eyes. Does anyone know where this image first came from? Have we maybe already seen things that look like this? Hmmm...if only the public knew the truth!

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    Originally posted by: Zepherin
    But if they are as advanced as us, theres a good chance that their version of Arkabama (the area that encumpases Alabama and Arkansas) might intercept it and god knows what might result. E arth whats an E arth. Let's hope if they exist they are more advanced than us
    If there were such a thing as an 'alien' race, or, that different from those on 'our' plant Earth. Then why, I ask, why shall they be automatically positioned as 'advanced'. For, if there are other "intelligent" (keyword here) species out in the midst of the universe, then isn't it a possibility that they are thinking the exact same thing. Yet, it also could not... But for the sake of our imagination...
    Imagine a species on a different planet, a different solar system, a different galaxy. Now, their planet will not look, taste, smell, or feel the same as ours, for obvious reasons. For this reason different cultures will errupt. If you look at the Earth's early human history, life began near water, rivers and vallies mostly. Yet on this planet, what if most, if not all of the planet was fertile. This would mean barely any nomading,...which meant early settlement. Eearlier than ours...
    This would mean an earlier development of tools, more sociable activities comming up much earlier than ours... Hunting would not have been a problem, for farming would easily overcome this. See, on Earth, we had to irragate, on this planet, there is no such thing. For underground cravices filled with pure water, stuffed with minerals and nutrients would supply all the nurishment needed to maintain life for the 'intelligent'. Thus creating a civilization far greater than us, simply by the fact that they evolved faster. Grew quicker. Changed for the better...
    Sending out signalled broadcasts in random directions here on Earth is literally our best bet for finding life. But,...what of it? So what if they get it? What next? Imagine our situation. If we were to receive some unknown broadcast (and we have, mind you). What would we do to ensure that our orbital neighbors did not slip right though our fingers? Time is something we do not have much of, and yet it takes millions of years for light alone to travel out of our galaxy. Now imagine how long it would take soundwaves or data to travel. Thus, creating an almost impossible reach out to life. Unless physically meet.

    [P.S. - If you got none of that, basically it states: It really sucks to be us]
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