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Thread: FCC Concerned:Hacking Ham Radio??

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    FCC Concerned:Hacking Ham Radio??

    In a five-page order released Friday, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) claims that 38-year old convicted hacker Kevin Mitnick is not morally fit to be a ham radio operator.

    give the guy a freakin break...what's he gonna do...whisper evil hacking thoughts thru the radio

    "pstt...buddy...delete all yer files...over"


    "psst...buddy...install windows 95...over"..
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    I think this is about hamradio file transfers.

    ever compiled a kernel. then u should have seen ham radio once or twice ...

    But I still think it is a sad excample of US crime fighting gone bad...
    (just like the hackers/terrorists thing..)
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