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Thread: tired of manual updates ?

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    tired of manual updates ?

    we all know it is a pain in the ass to have to upgrade our linux systems. I am sure there are other automated patching programs for some distro's out there, but I like this one.

    as you can no doubt tell, its called red-carpet. I have found it very easy to use, and it makes life simpler if you have multiple machines to patch.

    currently it is available for : Debian, SuSe, Yellow dog, Red Hat, and Mandrake.

    check out the link and enjoy. is not limited to the gnome works just as well in KDE.
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    Red Carpet, thou art my friend

    I love my redcarpet...
    it made my day when I was trying to install Ximian Evolution, and had shiiiiiiitloads of missing dependencies....

    It earnt itself a place in my heart forever.....
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    I still like to manualy update the systems I work on. Windows, Linux, and Unix. That way I have the patch files and/or updates at hand at all times. As well, that way I maintain complete contol over what is installed and whats not. It makes it easier to isolate bugs or conflicts when patches, fixes, or workarounds are needed or have been applied. For the home auto update programs are fine. It's just a matter of personal choice. If you like it use it.
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    thanks for the link hogfly. This will definately help me out. For a second I thought evil_enchilada had posted this. well, i guess that wont happen.
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