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Thread: weird port no's open

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    Exclamation weird port no's open

    hi peoples, just did a netstat on my win '95 box and was surprised to see the amount of ports open, there were some really weird ones too.
    there were 4 to this address, listening on local ports :4033, 4260, 4616, 4901
    (all tcp), im not sure if this is something to do with using the opera browser (adware)

    also there are 3 udp ports open as well, 3147, 12527 (also on tcp) and 44334

    does anyone know is any of these ports may point to a trojan virus or could they just be something to do with my browser? im also using avs virus scan ver6 (the free one)

    can these ports be safely left open or should i tighten up my firewall (tiny personal) so they are not open?? :S

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    Have you ever considerd getting a firwall? Download one free at now that i switched to sygate from zonalarm i,m happy. Thanks to Korp Deaths suggestion. You can do umteen test scans on the site anyway try it out.


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    mrleachy, just close down those ports - if any process fails after that, you can always open them again, right? And don't just close those ports either, just close down everything you're not sure about, until you run into problems - try to find out that way which ports you need to be open - all the others should be closed.
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    All those ports are unassigned. It could be anything.

    I'd follow Guus's advice and then go get Sygate Personal Firewall.

    Thanks for the thumbs up ANTI-HACKERS.
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    I am a cracker
    Hey dude go to then go to start, run, type in winipcfg then enter the ip number hit scan it will tell you every port open on your system


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    here is one tool which i often use, ProPort u get to terminate connections u select.


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