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Thread: 1/30/2002 - Todays News

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    1/30/2002 - Todays News

    Came across quite a few interesting articles today. Enjoy.

    Passport flaw diverts Hotmail users

    Sony Computer Entertainment America Announces Linux for PlayStation(R)2

    Senator Introduces New Cybercrime Bills

    Netscape admits to Navigator flaw

    US crackers top Internet attack league

    Apple debuts 1-gigahertz chip, ships first iMacs
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    Lightbulb Good post

    I liked the article on:

    Sony to Sell Linux Kits for Playstation 2

    I think that will increase sales for the PS2. Here's more on the Linux/PS2 story:

    The consumer electronics giant said it would begin selling disks to install the Linux operating system (OS) on PlayStation 2 and tools to develop Linux applications.

    The kits will go on sale in Japan in May and in the United Sates and Europe in June
    ``Many Linux fans have requested that they would like to execute applications not only on personal computers but also on PlayStation game consoles,'' a Sony spokeswoman said.

    The kits will cost $188.30 in Japan, $299 in the United States and $215 in Europe.

    - You bastards.. that's entirely too expensive but you know the people is gonna buy it.

    Sony aims to expand the role of PlayStation as a platform and allow more applications such as word-processing.

    Sony said the kits also included a internal hard disk drive with 40 gigabytes and USB keyboard and mouse.

    - This sounds like a b0x0r.. I think that PS2 is trying to make an internet connection kit too.
    Seems like a good idea to me.. Good job jerod_c on the news article.


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    Thanks Remote.... I Love You Man!

    I try to post some articles everyday. I miss the original news when AO used to post it. The only thing is an hour after I post, the news thread is off the main page due to lack of replies, and no one really talks about the news. I think they just click the links, read the news, then leave the thread without any thoughts or replies.

    I was thinking maybe instead of posting all links in one thread, posting a seperate thread for each article with a copy of the article text in the post. This way if people find the article interesting they can post replies in that thread and talk about that specific article. Kind of like the original AO news setup was like. Only thing with that is people might consider it flooding the forum and get all pissed off at me.

    So I dunno. I just think it would be really cool to get news conversation going like back in the day on AO. Think I should give posting a seperate thread along with the article text a try? Any ideas?
    An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure...

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