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Thread: Remove functionality, put in ads, or spyware?

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    PHP/PostgreSQL guy
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    Dec 2001

    Post Remove functionality, put in ads, or spyware?

    Right on, so I was writing my response to the Spyware thread I started and I realized that there are three main methods for anyone making an application for the masses to get people to buy their stuff.

    1: Remove functionality or time-limit the application so that you have to be registered to keep using it.

    2: Put in ads that take up a certain amount of header space (like Opera) so that they might click on the ad to either buy a product or register it.

    3: Put in spyware.

    Now then, let's break down each one of these points (for those who may not be familiar with any/all of them).

    Remove functionality/time limit the application

    This used to be the standard method of operation for a majority of the applications available for download until a couple of years ago (1-2). People would make an application that didn't let you do a lot of things or they'd put a 15 day time limit based on your system time and it'd not work after that limit was up. A lot of companies that do BIG programs still do the limited-functionality/time-limit but not a majority of what you can get on or Smaller companies are moving to the banners/ads/spyware, it seems.

    Methods around removed functionality: hehe, have fun reverse-engineering it...
    Methods around time-limit/registry entries: you could set your system clock forward a year (before installation) and if it hardcodes that date+time-limit then you're good for a while, however, if they're smart (like Norton is), they'll base it on other times as well, such as CMOS time, system time, etc.. Registry hacks prevent another installation (CDSpace is known for this, but can be removed (hehe, see Norton's Registry Tracker) and hence, another installation could be done.

    Result: buy the product and enjoy full benefits with no spyware and no ads and no time limit or removed functionality.

    Put in banners/ads

    This is a widely used method where the people making an app have said "We don't want them to not have functionality of the program but we want to promote XYZ or put in our own banner to register the product (pay the price)". LOTS of companies are using this philosophy as it's viewed as a pliable way to keep people using their product without going to someone else's because ads/banners can be ignored for the most part.

    Methods around banners/ads: you could find the folder that has the images for the links and delete them but they might say "Ahh, if directory X is empty, fux0r the program from working as they've tried to foil us in nefarious ways!" to which you could say "haha, you can't fux0r my program because I just renamed them all as 0-byte files, so foil this!" to which they could say "Ahhh, I see your image kungfu is strong but if my file/byte count isn't above this number here, the program will still be fux0red. Ph33r my mad h@x0r directory/file checking, f3wl!" or something and your program won't work (like kazaa when you removed the spyware cookie/registry entry).

    Result: buy the program and have ads/banners removed (like Opera's ads/banner goes away immediately upon a valid key entry).

    Put in spyware

    Latest in attempts to do user scanning for whatever, putting in programs to monitor sites/cookies/etc. Wide issue and not one that's well met, which is why Lavasoft's AdAware is so popular now (along with hogfly's BHO cop link program). Lots of medieval nefarious mischievious things can be done with spyware and should be watched for at all costs.

    Methods around spyware: most programs can have spyware removed with tools like AdAware, yet some like Kazaa cease working upon spyware removal...fsckers.

    Recommendation and result: find another product to do what you're wanting without spyware or has a time-limit/removed functionality and buy it. I don't want to say that 'once a spyware installing app, always a spyware installing app' but if Kazaa (example) had spyware enabled and upon removal stopped working, what's to say that if they came out with a Gold edition that supposedly had 'no spyware', who's to prove it true? That's like MS saying "here's the source for IE"...yeah right, where's the other half? I don't trust any program that installs spyware of any kind, whether it's cookies (light) or registry entries (heavy).

    Get AdAware for free, no removed functionality (splash screen is annoying) here .

    Get BHO here (ftp link).

    Hope this helps those that might need clarification between the different application 'advertisement' methods. I know AdAware has been one of the best bought programs I've ever had...gonna look into BHO cop when I get home.
    We the willing, led by the unknowing, have been doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do just about anything with almost nothing.

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    Dec 2001
    I'd like NONE!!

    But since that is not possible, I could probably accept ad banners the most. Firstly, we can forget about spyware - cos I know we all hate that. The other two options are not bad, except you'd never be able to use the program fully for a long period without payment. Which is good, cos you should pay the people, as they have spent their days/nights programming it. However, I like the idea of ads, as the programmers get their money, users do not have to pay, which will most likely make the program more popular, which comes back to making the programmers more happy. That's what I think anyways.

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    PHP/PostgreSQL guy
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    Dec 2001
    I don't mind ads as long as they're not glaring in your face. For instance, Opera's ad was a single ad-banner which rotated out occasionally and was in the upper right hand side of the main window. Once registered (as I register good products and bail on the others), it goes away immediately.

    Removed functionality or adding something beneficial to the registered user is more what I would support though because I don't see too many leechers buying a program just because it's got ads. Unfortunately nowadays, the leechers have full functional programs that aren't limited at all and the registered user doesn't get much of anything.

    Bleh to leechers...
    We the willing, led by the unknowing, have been doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do just about anything with almost nothing.

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    AntiOnline Senior Member
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    Oct 2001
    I would say the spyware. Then I could run good old ad aware and get rid of the spyware and can still have a completely functional program!
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    I could deal with a few ads and banners as long as it
    didnt mess with the functionality of the program.

    I wouldn't want any type of spyware in what ever software it was that I'm using.. and if I did find spyware in my software I'd fix it.. if they want to know what I'm doing with their program, how many times I use it a day, etc., etc.. then they can ask me to
    fill out a survey before I get to download their program.

    The time limit would be IMO the most useful method.
    You'll get to use the program for 30-90 days depending on the software and company.. with out any ads or spy ware.


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    Jan 2002
    I would rather have time limited software. Removed functionality is not the way to go cos invariably the feature you want to give a go are not available to you. Add banners come a close second, especially - as mentioned by Vorlin - you have the option to purchase then remove them. Spyware blows big time.

    Ad-Aware rocks

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    Dec 2001
    I'll stick with the ad/banner or removed functionality. I do in fact have a tendancy to register good software (especially if its from a small company/group) This is what keeps small groups going and helps to reduce the effects of monopolized software (uhm... m$)

    Truth is, if your really that against the three... the only real solution is to register the product anyways. Most good shareware is not at all expensive, and if you use it more than once, chances are it's worth the $15 or so to register.

    just my opinion
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    Nov 2001
    I look at it from the mfg's prospective.

    if you have a respectable piece of software that can demand a good price a 7-30 day fullversion trial is the way to go.

    if you have a cute/gimmicky piece of soft ware you want to make a few bucks with...use adware and get paid for the number of users that view each ad. a respectable way to go.

    if you a sleeze-bag who cares nothing for the rights and privacy of others, spy-ware is a must. you can even include the other 2 methods for maximum return, where registering will remove the banners but not the spyware and give you additional info you can sell.
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    Dec 2001
    ads banners. I can clean 'em and still run.

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    Sep 2001
    ads and banners work for me.

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