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Thread: Argumentum Ad Hominem

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    Cool Argumentum Ad Hominem

    Argument againts the man.
    Classic fallacy in debate.

    USER1# "I think all milk should be irradiated to stop diseases.

    USER2# "You would say something like that, you right-wing fascist *******!"

    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    oh ya give it to kaum

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    I vaguely remember learning that .... thanks for reminding us so the when attacked in such a manner we can comfort ourselves with Latin (what I really mean is try to distract the seething rage that is beginning to burn by disrupting the flow of lava such remarks cause to flow with in us).
    Noah built the ark BEFORE it rained.

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    Didn't I posted something with a lot of examples and latin about logic? Can't remember, was it in a PM or public (perhaps some discussion with Oblio?)

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