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Thread: Communism you Bolshevik!

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    Noble Hamlet

    Communism you Bolshevik!

    Considering this place is a hostile enviroment for me and I have a bad reputation I have decided to try work my way up to green antipoints by bringing up topical discussion.

    I may not be any good at Security but I know my Arts!

    Anyway I can be a little controversial with my views but it is important to not I am a nihilist thus any view I express regarding politics, religion etc. I do not support, I look from all angles of the situation, this gives me an unbiased opinion which may offend at a site like this.

    Anyway the topic is Communism!

    Failure or succes in light of Soviet becoming a SuperPower from almost nothing?

    Evil ideology or Promising in the right hands { not Stalins }

    And so on, all views welcomed!

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    Communism is an ideal. It's also unrealistic and probably impossible on earth. Humans, at least, most of them, are motivated by power. And power defeats the idealistic equality aspects of communism.
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    I'll trash a coin down the drain.. I have to thank you for a interesting subject Noble Hamlet.

    I have nothing bad to say about our neighbours in the east (I'm living in Finland) but communism have done lots of bad things aswell as good.

    I'm speaking of my own experience:
    I have been dating a woman from St Petersburg for a long time until we broke up last december. She learned me a lots of things about Russia and the former Soviet union and my travels there also showed me the true Russia.

    Many people living there are suffering cause of the bad situation and many of them want to have back communism and the days who were. I do not like the idea of a sovreign state as Soviet was but I do understand their point of view. They had everything they needed during the days of communism, today a well paid (normal worker) earns 50-100 USD per month and it's aint cheap living there except for the tourists who often has a lots of money.

    A apartment in St Petersburg costs about 100-500USD per month so how can a normal worker manage that on a low income (theft and crime is often the solution)? During the Soviet days they had apartments for free and food on the table except during times of war..

    I have nothing more to add and it was not much about the topic stated above as about the situation of today and what I lerned while visiting Russia, I can be wrong and would happilly hear your opinions.

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    I've amended a popular joke that I was told... This was when I was moving back the USA from Hong Kong, and many classmates made jokes about the typical ethnocentric US person:

    "Whoah, dude, are you really from China?"
    "Uhm, I was in Hong Kong."
    "That's like, China though, right?"
    "Pretty much."
    "Feh. Konichiwa, you COMMUNIST!"

    I'd have to agree with Alacatraz, though.
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    Thumbs up

    I would love to see a serious discussion of communism,
    now that the 1950s are over.
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    Well in the sociological light atleast the beginning was a success. The development from a feudal country into a modern country was very swift. And in the right hands.. yeah maybe..

    Not in the hands of wankers like the one(s) that designed the irrigation systems which made the lake Aral dry up. (ok shrink to 50% in the last 30 years)
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    I think Alcatraz' post about sums it up - communism expects every member of society to cooperate fully - if one does not, the ideology falls like a house of cards - to bad though, some of Marx' ideas and views are truly gems.
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    Marx may have had good ideas on healthcare etc. but where in the world has communism proven itself? Cuba? China?
    Yesterday we had this Chinese guy in chat asking if we could tell him how to get

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    Cuba AOK?

    I don't know Focmaester, has't Cuba been under embargo for the last 40 years? Castro is still going strong...

    I hope that Chinese guy isn't convicted of being a social dissident.

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    Oh, man, Castro, he occasionally cracks me up - I loved his offer to have Cuban officials count the Florida ballots during the latest presedential elections "to insure democracy."

    You say Castro is going strong? Hmm... holding on by his teeth is how I would describe him - of course, he's still in power, and his speeches are as energetic as ever - but has he have any influence in world-politics? The US, from their point of view, played its cards great: If they'd killed Castro, they would've created a marterer - now, they just have a loudmouth politician who has little or no influence.
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