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Thread: BIG LINUX NEWS !!! linux os for the ps2

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    Lightbulb grr arg..

    Linux is not $300 the hard ware that comes with it is $199......

    and not evey one is the same as you and me for some people this is a better option then a normal computer.

    If you don't think so well that means its not a better option for you. But guess what you do not speak for everyone nor do I is the point i am trying to get across here.....................

    is it just me or dose this remind anyone of old comp type systems like a2 or c64 but for a lot more moola..

    or am i just rantting like a retard?????

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    I think when the ps2 becomes old and ps3 is out then using it for linux might be interesting. Just like installing NetBSD on a Dreamcast.
    Who knows if the Xbox is next.

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