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Thread: windz Xp

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    Angry windz Xp

    Hey, Everyone
    I have just installed a couple of Xp outfitted machines to my network and its been hairee
    to say the least. Anybody out there have any thoughts or experiences with the animal?

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    Re: windz Xp

    Originally posted by SilvrThorn
    Hey, Everyone
    I have just installed a couple of Xp outfitted machines to my network and its been hairee
    to say the least. Anybody out there have any thoughts or experiences with the animal?

    What?! Trouble with XP, no way! Actually, your experience is none too surprising - I'm sure there are many stories of XP installs. Personally, we've stayed away from XP on our network, and I'm not looking forward to the time when we'll be upgrading to XP. I'll push away from it as long as possible, but I'm afraid we can't hold out forever.
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    Yep. I've had an experience or two with and my humble opinion is it's not ready for primetime.

    Good luck if you go ahead with any migrations or such.
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    read an article a couple of weeks back that basically said that most corporations were just now comfortable with implementing win2k...and not even looking at xp yet...many it managers (think it was around 15%) said they'd be happy with 2k for 5-10 years...and will be higly po-ed if m$ forces them (via licensing or simply not supporting it) to abandon 2k for xp...many to the point of sayin goodbye to m$ altogether...

    i've currently got a test box running linux i can -learn-...from what i've seen with kde and gnome...with a little training, our users could make the switch pretty's the admin part that will take some time....but that's my prob not's always important to remember users don't -use- os'es...they use progs...and who uses all the features (or even knows what most of them are) in word xp...

    and an added benefit is that i've got about 5 boxes sitting around here that don't run 2k worth **** but could easily run linux...

    m$ relies alot on critical mass of their os-es to drive prog sales...but 15% of current corporate users moving away from win to *nix (or whatever) is something even they can't ignore...

    oh...and as to your ?...I've no experience with the xp-erience...but i do know that it's nowhere on the radar around here...we're just now getting happy (?) with win2k...

    (installing staroffice this w.e. at home...then we'll gates....then we'll see)
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    hmmm... there usually be some prob when introducing new os to the network... and its not surprising with xp...

    so whats the prob u r seeing?


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    You should have waited to network xp untill atleast second edition came out. Anyway good luck


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    Ok i admit... i'm a newb but still.... here's what i think:

    I started in the wonderfull world of computers with win95 1st edition (the first one with iexplore).

    When win98 came beta, i tried it and hated it!Gave it another chance after the official release...still hated it.

    Gave a shot to SE (wich i'm supporting right now on my job) and i still hate it!

    When i Got my network course we worked with win2k. What a difference.For the first time i thought that microsoft was going in the right direction.

    When they announced whistler (well xp) i really thought that it would be better than win2k.
    I waited for the official release and installed it.
    Two cold boot later....XP would not boot anymore !

    Reinstalled it....
    Couple of boot and the same problem came back!

    The more i read about XP the more i'm afraid of the day i'll have to support it.

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    Well in our firm the OS is still NT4.0, working smooth. I heard it would cost 3.000.000$ for the firm to buy licenses for all our computers if they'd go to XP.

    Me wonders too and thinks they won't do that (yet). What a waste of NT4.0 licenses!
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