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Thread: Microsoft rolls up Windows 2000 security fixes

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    Microsoft rolls up Windows 2000 security fixes

    "Called the Security Rollup Package, the bundle of fixes is the first of more to come from the Redmond, Washington software maker as part of a new strategy it has adopted to improve the security of its products and thus protect its users. Until now, the company has typically released software fixes in what are called service packs. In May of last year, Microsoft released the second service pack for Windows 2000, which included roughly 500 bug fixes for the desktop and server software.........
    The rollup package includes more than 40 security fixes for Windows 2000 systems that were discovered after Microsoft shipped its second service pack for the operating system in May 2001."

    bout time...
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    abt time too...

    aaa... i can see more to come... service pack 2a... sp 2b... sp 3... sp3a... sp4.... sigh...


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    gee.... between hotfixes, unreleased patches, public patches and srms it consumes so much time.

    Looking forward to the revolt.

    go ux go.

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    Just a word of advice:

    Test the rollup path if at all possible, or at least have really good backups. I tried the security rollup for NT 4 and POOF there went my system file necessary for boot up, not to mention the registry. Just thought I'd clue you in to make sure you knew that crazy stuff like that happens.

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    Originally posted by gold eagle
    gee.... between hotfixes, unreleased patches, public patches and srms it consumes so much time.
    Tell me about it, as an admin trying to patch all of our machines as patches, hotfixes, etc, come out, I constantly feel like I'm behind. It's quite ridiculous actually - you'd think that something better could be put on the market that didn't require so many fixes.
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