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Thread: How AO points should work IMO

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    How AO points should work IMO

    I made this comment below a while ago and bot alot of positive responses... lets get everyones input on this subject right here right now... and see what JP thinks about it after we have enough responses... If ur here to flame or give stupid responses like "get rid of AO points" then please just leave now and dont waste our time, or ur own.

    i think that negative points should only be able to be given out by a person with a certine ammount of positive points.. cause theres just to many damn idiots out there that give out negative points cause thats all they ever get
    please ad POSITIVE input
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    Thumbs up Anti Points

    Like I said in another thread. It's a good way to seperate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. A person should have to show they have some intellect before they are allowed to post anti points. I agree. I have posted a few. I do however reserve them for people they just like to, bluntly post to pester. Other opinions right or wrong should be respected as long as they are posted without malice. As to provoke intelligent disscusion and not provoke hostility.

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    Apparently, this topic has been on many peoples'
    minds. The best you can do is remind people
    to read the site instructions on this matter
    and keep preaching.
    Maybe some people will get it.
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