Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said it has banned the use of wireless computer networks at its facilities over concerns that security flaws in such systems could leave classified information vulnerable to hackers.
Im pretty sure that there not doing this against hackers..... But instead, terrorists... You see, LLNL is a nuclear research lab... All the wireless network use a frequency of 802.11 and 2.4 Ghz.. So time to time... You get booted off of the network.. Or garbled phone calls in the area.... Corrupted data transfer,... etc.
The lab, which produces research on nuclear weapons and other national defense technologies, disabled the two wireless local area networks that were in use at its Livermore, Calif., campus as a result of the ban, instituted in mid-January, said David Schwoegler, a spokesman for the lab. One of the wireless networks at the lab was used at its waste disposal division.
Whats your opinion on all this ?
The whole story is here.
Wireless networks open to hacks