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Thread: NanoTechnology is here?

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    Lightbulb NanoTechnology is here?

    "Scientists from Hewlett-Packard and UCLA labs have announceda patent that would lay a path to the beginning of production of complex 'nanochips', details to which would consist of several atoms only!!!
    To increase a process output scientists are forced to decrease the sizes of microchips. But technology based on sylicon has it's limits, that could be reached in a near decade. "
    read the whole story here
    Are we at the start of New Era of computing?!!!

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    pretty kewl but there is a long way ahead ....
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    that would be cool but there is a long road from someones head to someones house.
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    Note: The first Personal computer went from Idea to shop in 6 months.....some times things move faster than u can imagine just keep a posetive spirit...

    - Noia
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    According to this link:

    The last achievement made by this team was on July 11, 2000.

    I will be patient, I should have, at the very least, another 30 years to see this happen, if I don't die of cancer first.

    <edit> Man! I hate it when I reply to an old thread, I really thought this was up to date
    /me feels like an idiot...
    It seems I remember something about an idiot thread a day or two ago...anyway, I would have just deleted this, but, I think others might feel this way too...LOL my way of rubbing it in. </edit>
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