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Thread: Check Point Firewall-1

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    Question Check Point Firewall-1

    Does anyone happen to know where I might find a tutorial, or technical papers for Check Point's firewall-1? I am interested in purchasing one, and am wanting to know what would be required to setup, and maintain it. And also what it is 100% capiable of. I have gotten the white paper off, and have searched google to no aval. (I even tried hotbot). on checkpoints webpage the configuration information is in a restricted (users) only section. Any information (reviews of it would be nice too) is appreciated.

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    well, for information on CPFW-1 I have three suggestions. 1) check out the firewall 1 wizards mailing list. 2) 3) Our local CPFW-1 resource is in etsh is very knowledgable about CPFW-1 and other firewalls. So check out those first two resources, and get your butt in the IRC channel.
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    Thanks for the info, I am reading thru option 2 right now, and joining the mailing list. I am sitting at work right now, (behind a firewall) so the IRC option has been blocked....but alas I shall try when I get home...
    Thanks again!

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    What sort of interest do you have in CP documentation? are you looking for a manual or something? well, I know that the complete 4.0 manual is online at

    Well, also about being at work, what limits you form accessing IRC? strict rulebase? don't worry, I recently found a whole in CP's FTP security server that allows a user to bypass the rulebase regardless of what it says , I'll be talking more about it when CP fixes it.


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    Hey Cheeseball, try this link, the author is Lance Spitzner who
    runs a honeynet so he should know what he's doing
    Make sure you checkout the --Building Your Firewall Rulebase-- link
    in the article, he uses Checkpoint as the demo

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    Sorry, the Quick Reply function chopped off the link
    goto -> security -> firewalls -> auditing
    your firewall setup

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    Hello Cheeseball!

    Good day to you! In addition to the good information stated by the others, you might like to check-out these links as well:


    Moreover, the book of Marcus Goncalves entitled:Point Firewall-1 Administration Guide , might also interest you .

    Have fun!!!
    A blessed day to all!!!

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    Hey all,

    Alex, that book *was* the best book about CP for some time, but for the mean time, I recommend Phoneboy's book <although Phoneboy'ss been talking some **** lately >. there is a sample at book/sample.pdf


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    Another book besides phone boys book is one called CCSA Administration guide by Pearson Books.Get it at

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    Are you interested in running this on a NT/W2k system?
    If not check out
    Not bad systems, we run a pair of vrrp gateway clusters. IP440's
    It can take a while to learn, can be very complex.
    Worth the effort in the end.

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