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    I just found out about a major virus today while I was taking with some friends. It is called the "My Party" virus and it totally crashes the computer. My friends computer got totally trashed when he got hit by this virus. It comes in E-Mail form and totally messes up everything. Plus it sends the virus to anyone on your address list. BE CAREFUL.

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    I was bored, so I decided to have a look into this virus...

    Newsbyte Article

    Kaspersky reported that Myparty appears to be programmed to spread only between the dates of Jan. 25-29 of this year (assuming an infected PC's clock is set correctly).
    This would show that the spreading period has finished for the virus, unless of course you clock is slow... which strangely enough is quite common.... one of my friends computers is still in 2000....

    anywho, when I was looking at the Symantec Security Response on the virus, available here , I noticed this...

    When it is executed, the worm first checks the date. If the computer date is not between January 25 to 29, 2002 or if the keyboard settings are set to Russian, the worm copies itself to:

    C:\Recycled-F-<random digits>-<random digits>-<random digits>
    Now, I can't remember exactly, but I believe there was an issue with when virus's copied their files to the recycling bin *not deleted, just copied*, that some antivirus programs couldn't remove them, due to the nature of the recylce bin...
    Does anyone know if this issue has been fixed, or if it ever existed? I can't remember for sure...

    Anyway, you can get the instructions for removing the virus from the above Symantect Security Respone link... or you could just update your AV software... whatever floats your boat...

    But as for it trashing your friends computer zbailey, what do you mean by trashed? It does install a trojan when you are infected, so you could've had a visitor on the system....

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    from McAfee AVERT

    Subject: new photos from my party!
    Body: Hello!

    My party... It was absolutely amazing!
    I have attached my web page with new photos!
    If you can please make color prints of my photos. Thanks!
    Now, if u had something like this, why would u be clicking the attachment?
    Anyways, the virus has to be manually executed to infect - just opening the email is insufficient

    The attachment name may trick some users into thinking that if they click on the file, they will be taken to a Yahoo website. Certain email clients, especially those that underline the filename, may make this attachment appear more like a URL than the above Microsoft Outlook example which is more clearly distinguishable. The attachment is an executable file with a .COM extension, not a URL. Running the attachment infects the local machine.

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    thx, zbailey, for the warning & thx for the extra info from the other ppl who has posted

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    Thanks all for the posts!

    Usefull threads n posts thats what I like!

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