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    Reply Pop-Ups

    Mornin' All,
    I had an idea for small addition to the site that could prove useful, if it proves to actually be feasible...

    As I'm sure everyone is aware, JP recently added a feature to the site, that would pop-up a little dialog box when you recieve an new PM when you are online, giving you the option to read it..

    Now, the site already give the option of having an email automatically sent to you went a thread you are subscribed to gets a new post.
    This works quite well, especially if you are using a email client such as Outlook or Evolution.. but if you are using a web-based email such as yahoo or hotmail, you must have to either constantly monitor your web-based email (which is often rather slow), or possibly keep the Account Overview open in a window (refreshing it periodically) and watch who the last response on a thread is from...

    Now, you can probably see where I'm going with this idea. A feature where a popup is generated if a post is made to a thread your involved in would add another nice point for the AntiOnline forums...

    I thought about this, and found some pro's and con's of doing this... I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones I can up with...

    1. Quicker response time on threads.
    2. Less reliance on email notification (= A reduction in the traffic sent)

    1. High response threads, such as the World's Longest, could flood system with popup procedures..

    Now, as I said, I'm sure there are more pro's/con's to this suggestion.. If you can think of others, please post them up....

    Now I'm wondering, what do people think of the idea?
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    Well, if one could check/uncheck a box wheter they want to have the popup or not and set the default somewhere, then it's a good idea. Nobody wants to get popups of those world's longest things but if one submits a question they could use that feature.

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    bon penser Matty_Cross...

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    Hello Matty!

    Good day to you! It's a nice site suggestion and I do aggree with the factors you stated above that should be put into consideration. I am sure, if we can find an alternative way for threads that have tons of replies. I suggest that instead of a single pop-up msg. per post, maybe, one pop-up can come out that contains figures as to how many had posted on the thread(s).

    Again, great idea Matty. Keep-up the good posts!!!

    A blessed day to all!!!

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    That is a very good idea - nice thinking.

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    Greetings All:

    Unfortunately, you'd have to be actively surfing AntiOnline, or have AntiOnline set to auto-reload, for the pop-up to appear. Kind of defeats the purpose when you're talking about viewing the latest posts.

    HOWEVER, I have come up with another solution:

    The AntiOnline Windows TaskBar Ticker


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