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Thread: FTC gone to far? I Net scam.

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    Question FTC gone to far? I Net scam.

    Has the FTC gone to far. I don't know how many of you have read this. The FTC has came public with a website it posted that is a fruad. It was intended to show people how easy it is to get scammed. It relates that they have other sites like this as well and will continue to run them.
    Full story from CNN:

    Is it going to far to teach a lesson? Is it wrong when the government does this intentionaly? Should they just educate the public or stoop to such tactics?

    Whats everyones views on this?
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    Well showes again the danger and insecurity of the online shopping. Indeed they made a mistake but ho needs an anthrax biohazard detector? What a waste imo. Dunno the current spirit in the USA, but wasn't that anthraxcase finished yet!?
    Prolly to catch the persons who send the infected letters
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    I think it is a great idea and I would applaud whomever thought of it in the SEC/FTC circles. I mean, they aren't harming consumers, and and it could be a very effective way to finally drive the point home... Of course, these are the people who also think that they can lose eighty points in forty days by using a little pill...

    But, seriously, I think it's a good idea. They aren't harming anyone, and they are giving the investors good lesson, AND they are trying to target the very same people who never read the 'official' warnings, yet keep being scammed.
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    i think its the best thing the FTC ever did. it almost make them look human.

    there are many people who seem unable to relate what they read or hear to real life. its a 'get outa deep **** free card' for those who must learn the hard way.
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