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Thread: Social Hierachy and Notes on the AO Forums

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    Noble Hamlet

    Social Hierachy and Notes on the AO Forums

    Considering I am not strong on the security side of things and am now trying to become an avid contributer to the Cosmos forum I have compiled a short text on the social structure here.

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    Seeming as this is the Newbie forums many fall into this category, it is important to be on your best behaviour as a Junior Member and not to ask stupid questions, remember this is an anti-cracker site so dont ask illegal questions in here or you will get flamed or recieve negative antipoints! Not nice!

    By now you have a fair amount of posts and people begin to know you, at this stage it is important to really help out so you stand a chance in being a respected senior member of the community! Help as much as you can and reap the rewards later on!

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    The big boys, have a high or in some cases huge amount of posts, these people are oldies, some are new and just post a lot, they usually have acquired lots of good antipoints by this stage and are respected in the community. Thats not to say they all are! Some like oblio have lots of neg points and are intelligent but like to cause trouble when they can!

    People that are respected
    The following members are looked up to in the community!
    Terr - Security guru who helps loads and at the moment is the antipoint leader!
    Negative - Used to post but is now confined to IRC and Cosmos, a great guy who is intelligent and legendary at flaming!
    Ennis - An all round nice guy who helps where he can, put together the AO Newsletter!
    MsMittens - Really great person who is making Issue 2 of the Newsletter I think!
    Vorlin - Has risen fast and contributes a lot!

    Well thats the big boy list [ and girl MsMittens ]

    Things to do
    Be nice and dont flame.
    Contribute when you can.
    Dont ask illegal questions.
    Try get lots of Antipoints! lol

    Love AO!

    I know its not much but I thought it might help a little since you guys are always telling me to help I figured even the littlest bit I could add would do some good!

    Thanks for reading!
    Noble Hamlet.

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    Great post for the nOObs to read when they first join! I would like to see this post stay up towards the top.

    I give it a super D duper smilie

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    Noble Hamlet

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    Great post dude. Nice points.

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