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    Question w2k password

    I don't know if this is the right forum for this but here it goes anyway. A guy I work with inherited a laptop from his brother who passed away recently. He brought it to me to see if I could get into it for him. I'm no hacker/cracker so I haven't the slightest idea where to start. I asked him if he had the cd's that came with it and he has no idea where they might be. I used the zipslack distro to look at what was on the windows partition and it looks like all that it was used for was to transfer files to and from a Palm Pilot. I know the guy doesn't have the money to fork out on M$ overpriced OS so I figured I would do what I could for him. If there is nothing really feasable out there to do, that's fine. I just figured I would give it a shot.

    I just keep my Windows partition around so I can mount it like the b*tch that it is.

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    dude windows 2k is pretty secure. its pretty hard to penetrate if you have no acess what so ever. IF you want to preserve whats on the computer try to boot into dos and trasfer the files onto floppies. You could get a copy of win 98 from ur work and put it on his system and it should work fine..
    Good Luck

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    Depending on the configuration you may not see to much on the disk under a DOS boot. Just because of the security of NTFS (if it is using Win200 as a few business's do). If you can. Screw up by deleting some files from the root on C:\. Then use the startup disks like a new install up to the point "revover a previos install" then reinstall it. Sometimes this will give you the access and sometimes not. Depends on how they had it set up. I have seen some companys set laptops up for auto login to the user or admin (stupid if you ask me, but it is done. why? who knows. lazy admins?) As well if you can get this far some tools are availible that will overide and let you recover and login as admin. Just hunt and search. Astalavista Box is a good start for this. If it is windows 98SE or before. Just boot from dos to the C:/Windows directory and delete the .pwl file or bootup and hit cancel and you can access it. If it has third party security just boot to dos and X-Copy everything to another drive if you know how to rig it. If it's encrypted containers or mounted volumes. give it up. To time consuming.

    1: Brand?
    2: OS on Laptop?
    3: Bios password may be set?

    Let us know.
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    Hey apocolypse, It's an IBM ThinkPad laptop with W2k Pro (SR1). The guy that has it now had the password for the BIOS so I went through and disabled it. Windows login is default to Administrator. If you need anything else, please let me know.

    Thanks for the info.
    I just keep my Windows partition around so I can mount it like the b*tch that it is.

    Windows has detected that your mouse has moved. Please reboot.

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    get ntfs4dos if the sys partition is in ntfs (if not just boot in dos)

    replace c:\winnt\config\sam with c:\winnt\repair\sam

    boot up try no password or "password" and it should work (worked for me once)

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    sorry that's c:\winnt\system32\config\sam

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    just install a copy of 2k or xp on another partition. If efs wasn't used you can get what you need. easy as pie.

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    Bring it with you on Mon nite...Ill bring my ERD's and W2k disk and well see what we can do...

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    I take it from the title of your thread that you want to reset a win2000 password.
    One way to do it is if you have an "erd" floppy. If you don't have one of those you can use one one these nifty tools found here:

    hehe it takes a bit of tweaking to get it though...if you have any trouble or want some details PM me.

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