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Thread: New CGI bug

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    Angry New CGI bug

    The search.cgi script included with the AHG Search Engine does not adequately filter input. Due to lack of sufficient input sanitization, it is possible for a remote user to pass semi-colon ( and pipe (|) characters through a search request. This can result in the commands encapsulated between the symbols being executed with the privileges of the web server.


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    Jesus, you'd think they'd check for these things...escape both the pipe | and the semicolon ; you fsck-nuts! Do LITERAL translation and you can botch escaped translations and you'll be fine! Check length, bad chars, etc etc... *sigh* I can tell they hired a n00b. I'm not saying I've never done things like that before but I know when I send something out the door with my name on it code-wise, I've looked at it repeatedly and tried to break it internally.
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