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Thread: Hacking cellphones

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    Hacking cellphones

    Researchers in Holland discovered a bug in the operating system used in many popular Nokia phones. A hacker could exploit the security hole by sending a malformed SMS message — short, electronic text messages of about 160 characters or less — capable of crashing the operating system.

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    That's not so good, makes me erase my mobilen° from my ICQlist
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    This has been demonstrated last year during HAL2001 byt Job de Haas from ITSX, the company founded by the famous Dutch Hacker Rop Gongrijp aka Hacktic.
    I have a powerpoint presentation from Job de Haas himself where he explains the problem and how it is exploited.
    If you would like a copy feel free to PM, I have promised to do this before but I misplaced it and forgot to remind the ppl who requested the file.

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    It's a good thing I'm using Motorolla!!!

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    Originally posted by D'Arte
    That's not so good, makes me erase my mobilen° from my ICQlist

    LOL...I always wondered who the people were that actually put their phone number on-line...

    Originally posted by Focmaester
    This has been demonstrated last year

    That's right. It's getting a bit old now. I think Nokia even released some kind of patch for it. I could be mistaken though.

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    I have always wanted to learn how to hack into cell phones... Does anyone know any cool tricks for a sprint phone???

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