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Thread: How Tinysoft Loves their customers. Vr. 3 engine comming

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    How Tinysoft Loves their customers. Vr. 3 engine comming

    Below is just an e-mail that I sent like yesterday to the Tinysoft Press department. Now, 1/2 year ago, I sent the same e-mail to their tech. support and they said that they were working on TPF 3.0 which will fix those outbound exploits. I can't believe that right now, they still asking why type of outbound exploits exisits in their TPF products. I really wonder if they're really catching up with the rest of the world, or are they just doing nothing each day at their offices. They should know what type of outbound exploits there are in their products, as many of us here know/had known that these exploits exisits since like at least 3 months ago.

    THE HIGHLIGHT IS IN THE REPLY ABOUT THEIR NEW ENGINE-DIRVER 3.0. WOW! THAT WAS VERY RESPONSIVE!!!! (after like 1/2 since these security issuses were discovered)

    Next week we will release PF2.1 beta1 which using new engine-driver 3.0 (but
    not all features are enabled in this version)
    If you want, I will send you this version directly..
    btw Can you send me list of exploits you are talking about ?
    Thank you ...

    S. Kolar (
    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: Lawrence [mailto:????????????]
    > Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2002 4:47 PM
    > To:
    > Subject: Exploits in Tiny PF.
    > Hi! I've recently found out from a security community that TinySoft
    > Personal Firewall contains many exploits, which leads to sucessful
    > connections/communications even though the Firewall did not
    > ask/prompt/inform user about such connection. I have also been informed
    > about 1/2 year ago that Tinysoft PE will release version 3.0 which will
    > these outbound conenction exploits. The only Firewall Right now that can
    > prevent such exploits is Sygate's Personal Firewall. Now, will
    > Corp. finally react to this exploit in your Personal Firewall Products.

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    Hello, lawrence171. I myself have wondered about the outbound connection problem in tiny personal firewall. When testing it with the tool on, it passed with flying colors, however the tool known as firehole was able to get past the security of the firewall. Ive read in many places that developing a trojan that can use this exploit can be very difficult, but as we know nothing is impossible for a skilled hacker with enough patience. Good post.
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