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Thread: Looking for some text on dos....

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    Question Looking for some text on dos....

    Im looking on some text for dos... anything will do. I just need to brush up on my dos skillz...

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    Get the IBM DOS user manuel or something similar... perhaps in some old second hand book store for the price of the paper or less... those books contain a lot of usefull info.

    If I have the time I will take a look on old harddrives for some txt versions... other possiblity search the net.

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    check the tutorial section. Negative posted the index and there is a dos section.
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    If you have a win98 disk the old Dos commands are on the cd.....its inbedded in some dir. do a search for old msdos on the cd. There is a file called "help"(what else) It gives detail on all the old commands....just type :help: in that dir. You can then try some of them out to get the hand of it

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    By DOS I hope this is Disk Operating System and not that other annoying DoS thing!

    Heres a tut!

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