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Thread: Lindows Sneak Peek.

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    Jesus, this looks like Windows but with a sweet GUI slapped over it and some new added options under the start menu. Not to mention new icons - which they do EVERY time they make an OS.

    But hey, I know I'm getting it right when it comes out. Wouldn't miss it for the world. I just ***hope*** it's security was not taken from Microsoft's side. For that would really, really suck ass. But imagine, the compatibilty to play all your rad video games, while knowing that when playing multiplayer with some guy down in Thiland, that some lamer isn't going to 'try' and hack your system. Yet, I want to know how the file system is in Lindows. I'm dubious, though....
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    Hopefully this may bring out the best of both worlds, a great, powerful and secure OS with the good looks and easy navigation for our lovely end user.

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    Finally someone smart enough to make the perfect combination of Linux and Windoze.
    I will buy this when it comes out, no more need to have 2 boxes in my room with linux on one and windoze on the other.

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    akanicknick: Couldn't you just dual-boot bro? (off topic, I know...just asking)

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    I believe Forbes did an article in Founders name and mentioned his past accomplishments. Regretfully, I cannot remember his name or the issue date -sorry for the lack of info.
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    Wow, this really all sounds kool - I can't wait for it to come out, I'm surely gonna jump on the bandwagon if it's as good as it sounds!

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    I am looking forward to a windows linux hybrid, i am know forced dual booting my machine between openbsd and 2k lindows would alow me the functionality and stability i need while still being able to play counterstrike i belive this will open up a hole new market place to linux but 99 bucks is alittle steep... and who belives it will be nothing more than a soouped up wine like that mandrake for gamers awwww,

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    it's just a combination of linux and windows, l3aDmOnKeY which he called cross breed. i think it's great combination but i wonder how far this os will go.
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