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Thread: M$ Controls Video Card Manufacturers?

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    M$ Controls Video Card Manufacturers?

    I was just thinking today (and yes, I am capable of thinking), since video cards are made to support DirectX standards, whether M$ has a stranglehold over video cards made for the i386? Or is it the other way round (ie video card companies control what M$ puts into DirectX)? Either way, it looks to me that users of OS's other than Windows are really losing out here because not all companies can afford to port (or hire someone to port) their games. I was just wondering what you guys thought.

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    I think the situation tends to be driven
    by what most consumers will spend their
    money on.
    The largest part of the market is always
    the mediocre middle.
    You'll always have to spend more money,
    and/or take extra time and effort to run a system
    that isn't in the middle of the road.
    A chevy Lumina is cheaper than a Ferrari.
    Grandma doesn't really need a Ferrari
    to go to the beauty parlor.
    Wannabe racers always ask their mechanic
    "Can you make my car go faster?"
    The mechanic then asks, "How much money you got?"
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    More video cards should be OpenGL friendly
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    Most new video cards are openGL friendly, and most are compatible with linux too. This tells me that video card companies know that linux is a gamers market. After all we linux users need our Counter Strike and QuakeIII too.
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