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Thread: red hat linux book....

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    Arrow red hat linux book....

    anyone know where i can d/l or just look at a RedHat Linux book that's kinda new?

    The newesnt one i've found was based on v 3.0.3 and i have 7.2(it was talking about installing off a 5in. floppy)

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    Yea I do but you can't d/l it you gotta buy it. RH 7.1 bible is the newest one I can think of. good luck

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    There's plenty of online resources. Do a search on Google for the specific topic you are interested in or search the forums here or join in on the conversations in IRC or .......

    The "Linux Administrator's Security Guide" is online at

    Securing and Optimizing Red Hat Linux. A guide for information system, configuration, optimization and network security professionals. 727KB Download at

    There are a whole slew more!!!!
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    well, I have a 1500 page linux command book provided by Redhat. I have passed it out to a fair number of members in the Antionline IRC community. Its a 10 MB PDF. If you are interested in it, join us in #antionline and we can figure out how to get it to you. Otherwise, O'reilly makes a good book, called running Linux which is RH based, and there are the RedHat bibles.

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    Exclamation lots of stuff...

    here are some pages i just found that could help you.........

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