I'm fairly new to Antionline. I try to respond in a helpfull manner to newbies to the infosec, networking, and user scene. I try to answear the questions as best I can and at leat give them a source if possible to go to for more info. I have worked with computers since the days of the Tandy. So I have made screw ups and bummbles all along the way. I still make misstakes. So I like to relate so maybe someone new won't make the same goofs that I have. So to the point. Here is a very helpfull site for the newbies that want to know more about Linux. It is very helpful. I keep it bookmarked myself for reference. As I forget a command line or a switch here and there. So this is the place to dig. Not a bunch of fancy gimics or graphics to deal with. It's a very straight forward site. I hope it helps the newbies to Linux.

The site:

Direct link to the Linux faq:

Just attempting to do my part and help.

Everyone, have a great day and/or night.

TUX lives............................