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Thread: LINUX boot help

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    LINUX boot help

    ok i have two hard drives 1 is xp pro the other is mandrake. The jumpers on both HD's are set for master. I want Lillo or some boot prog to come up to ask me what i want to run. What should i do. I tryed making one of them a slave then telling what to run first in the CMOS it did not work with the slave drive just the master...
    Where should i go from here...............................thx

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    Smile Depends

    This is how mine was done at one point. I Had two drives. One master one IDE 0 and one master on IDE 1. I installed Linux Mandrake on The second HDD on IDE 1. Then I installed Win2000 Pro on the first HDD IDE 0 (not: on some systems its IDE 1 and IDE 2 even different if you have raid, another story for another thread). Then the Win2000 boot loader came me a choice. This also works sometimes in XP.

    For LILO I had no problem with W95 OSR2 thru W98SE. Once and a while a glich with Win2000 as it would'nt load .dir services. No luck at all with dual booting XP with LILO.

    Personaly. The best way is to setup a small home network. You can get an older P233 MMX for next to nothing. I will run LInux great. Put Linux on it and get a Linksys hub or router and have fun. You can get practice by changing the internal IP's and attepting to break into the Win32 box from your Linux box. It's make for good practice in securing your box. It will teach you how to lock it down so to speak.
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    Install Linux on the second HDD set to master then install XP on the first HDD set to master. Then the XP boot loader will give you a choice to load which.

    As before, I have not had luck with LILO and XP. Only on a few occasions has XP failed to load. Only in Win2000 did it hang ever so ofter loading .dir.

    You may also want to invest in Partition Magic 7.0. It has been a life save for me. You can use it to format the Linux partition and the NTFS partition so both installs will find it from the get go.

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    Dual boot

    follow {pp]apocalypse advice,

    - for win9x / Me you can install Linux and use LILO :

    install win first then install Linux on other HDD
    place the linux boot loader in the MBR of the boot disk (first IDE = IDE 0 )
    Lilo will show a menu at boot up where you can choose to boot Win or Linux.
    Redhat for instance has no problem detecting other OS's and putting them in the boot list automaticly (look at linux howto pages or the link provided if you don't get it working).,2997,...07KTX1K0000360

    - for Win NT / Win2K / Win XP and Linux, you can use the windows loader

    install Win, install linux on other HDD do not write lilo into MBR but do write it to the boot sectors of the first drive / partition (= superblock), ad the menu item to start your linux to the win loader (like NT loader for Win NT and 2K) specify where you linux boot files are located, create them with linux dd commands and you should have a running dual boot.

    if this is not clear at all, check following URLs:

    for further information check out and ask your question there

    here's a page on dual booting mandrake:
    you can get info at that forum too...

    I hope this helps

    btw there are many threads about dual booting... even on this site. Search AO for it.

    --> discussion forums --> search forums
    if you add my nick or Vorlin to autor there probably will show up some results. I remember some thread about linux or NT loader? with Vorlin but I'am to lazzy to search it myself.

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    here's the link to that thread

    Here's a link to a site with good info about multiboot / mounting volumes etc... I think they also provide tools to do those things for you:

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    To the best of my knowledge.
    the way you set the jumpers on the drives
    is a hardware issue, having to do with the
    initial installation of the drives into the box.
    They must be jumpered in a way that
    the computer can distinguish between
    them and access them without a hardware
    What OS you install on each drive is up
    to you. Setting up your multi-boot
    system is a software issue that can be
    addressed a number of different ways,
    assuming that the drives were installed
    correctly at the hardware level.
    You shouldn't have to change jumpers
    to select which OS to boot.
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    How I did it

    I have the same setup. I had originally used my second HDD as slave for storage but then reformated with ext2 and put linux on it. I installed LILO on the MBR of my win xp drive (the first one) and it has worked great since.
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