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    Post tutorials

    hi everbody,

    i suggest to start a ranking about the tutorials.there a lot of good here but i mean:if we know what the majority need or want: for example
    - os(linux,win..)
    - networking(dhcp,nfs,..)
    - firewall(setup,ipchains)
    - encryption(pgp,sym,asym..)
    - programming(java,c,c++,shell script)
    - basics(binary,hex,)
    - security policy,audit(how can i write a good policy..)
    and more and more,then we can write about .
    i think there a lot of experts here.ok,we should pick the knowledge and write down,that we can learn from that.i've looked in documents and the most are pretty good,but obsolete.things changed for example: ipv6,wireless networks and so on..
    i hope we find a good way to find a solution for all!!


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    Sounds like a plan!

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    More work for JR

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