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Thread: Need Help choosing which OS! Nothing lasts.......

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    Need Help choosing which OS! Nothing lasts.......

    As many of you know, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. Same thing with these SHITTY Microsoft Products. Many here knows that I also have a P-III system, which might not sound very intresting, However, the other hardwares used are, espically the mainboard.

    My system setup:
    Intel Pentium 3 800E (copper) 133MHz system bus
    A-bit SA6R Mainboard
    Creative Sound Blaster Live! Value
    ATI All-In-Wonder Rage 128 PRO
    Lite-On 16x/48x DVD/CD-ROM driver (model# 163)
    Plextor 12/10/32A

    However here the problem. I tried all Microsoft OSs. Nothing lastes. I tried Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 200 Pro. The result? This system doesn't last for like a month, then it's time to re-format, and re-install everything. I also can't use my Corel Linux since someone uses it for JAVA programming using IBM Visual Age for Java.


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    hmm, I have a win98 machine which has been stable for about a year straight. I also have a windows 2000 machine which has been stable for about 6 months.

    What kind of behavior does the machine have when it is "time to re-format"?

    If someone I knew was having a problem like yours, I would suspect that it was something they were doing, or more likely, something they were not doing. Such as, not installing Antivirus software, or not keeping it updated, or not installing service packs, etc, etc... Or they were downloading any and every piece of freely available software downloads they could find, and installing them without even thinking about where they might come from.

    Even Windows should last for for longer than a month, assuming you are doing everyting you can to safeguard it. Antivirus, firewall, patches, be careful what you install on it.

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    IchNiSan you have hit it right on.

    lawrence171 tell us what the system does and says. You say w2k was last. Any system or screen messages? If it is not what has been suggested you may have a hardware problem.

    more info required....

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    I'm a big fan of Norton Utilities.
    Lots of people believe in Format/Reinstall
    as the only fix for mysterious problems, but it avoids
    the educational process. Get a book on the
    registry. Some really wierd problems can be
    fixed in a short time, if you have the knowledge.
    No OS is perfect.
    Let's say you switch to linux.
    My experience is that your average linux distro is only
    about 90% ready.
    Then you have to edit configuration files to get it
    the way you want.
    Put the same amount of effort into Windows
    and you should get a satisfactory experience.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    lawrence, I also think that IchNison hit it on the head...The only time that I have had that much of a problem with Win not lasting longer than a month was when I used to install programs without shutting down other programs that where running or when I used to d/l every freeware/shareware prog I could get my hands on..

    Also, gold eagle mentioned hardware.. also a possibility. Does it ever run right? If you have bad ram..that could cause the behavior you are describing...also are you overclocking? Could also lead to problems...

    I have run Win98 and Win2k without having to redo them for well over a year on each machine.
    Its all a matter of maintenance and following proper procedure. Defrag,Diskscan..using a proper uninstaller for those programs that you decide not to use after all...Shut down everything that is running except for Explorer and Systray(Win9x) and kill all programs that are resident in ur systemtray(beside the clock,lower right hand corner) before you install new progs..

    As much as I slam M$ is possible to keep one of their OS's running for at least 6 months..without it crashing constantly (or have I just been lucky?)

    Good Luck

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    Re: Need Help choosing which OS! Nothing lasts.......

    Originally posted by lawrence171
    This system doesn't last for like a month, then it's time to re-format, and re-install everything. SOMEONE PLEASE SUGESSTION HOW DO I KEPT MY SYSTEM UP AND RUNNING FOR LONGER!
    Who is making the determination that a format reinstall is called for? You? A "techie" friend or a tech support rep? I'll tell you a little secret....I used to do tech support for Dell...the new techs favorite solution was a "format reinstall" I suggest you do a little OS troubleshooting..check your startup proggies..check the registry..check the system files for corruption. Has there ever been a virus on the harddrive? Some nasty viruii will invoke the IO machine code commands on the hardrive controller directly and write themselves out of the range of Bois int13h and the dos write int21h..that means in plain lingo that a format will not erase have to debug the hardrive using assembly code..maybe thats the problem? A longshot but it's worth lokking at.

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