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Thread: British Company "Hacked-out of existance"..

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    Unhappy British Company "Hacked-out of existance"..

    anonymous "crackers" forced a small British firm out of business.

    CloudNine Communications, one of Britain's oldest Internet Service Providers (ISPs), shut down last week with the loss of eight jobs in what computer experts believe is the first instance of a company being hacked out of existence.

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    Wow. That's just scary. And very, very unfortunate. Hackers, let alone anybody, should not have the power to control the very existence of a company.

    Of course, it could just be media dramatization.
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    Damn that sucks. Being hacked out of buisiness, I've never even heard of that before. Damn all those jobs lost for no reason. I hope that never happens to me someday.

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    Businesses are all about making money and if they get hacked and their reputation gets ruined such that other people dont trust them to do business with them...not only the company gets the shaft but the lives of all the people who worked there get disrupted + the lives of their families.

    It's too bad that they didn't have redundancy or a disaster recovery pact/contract with another company that would've allowed them the time they needed to repair the damage....I know, firsthand that repairing damaged systems can take days or even weeks

    I hope that no one who stumbles into AO adds to such problems, it is, afterall, JP being accused of being a part of those types of activities that is a driving force of the site.

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