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    Question Network LockDown..........

    Ok, as you know if you have read any of my other posts about network gaming I am going to buy a router and an old computer. Now I would like to know how protected each box is. From my mandrake Linux box how would I go about connecting to my winXP box and test it. Also lol if I could connect to my Linux box from my XP box (I feel like someone is going to whip something at me for typing that lol.) I want both to be locked down so no one can get in.. Now if some l33t h4x0r lol ahahah were to get in my system how would I go about trying to see where he came from or see any holes or back doors on my network of two computers???
    I most likely will be running firewalls and Norton on both comps..........any ideas

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    hmm... you say you are going to buy a router..... I do not remember your previous posts, what do you mean, are you buying a linksys router to put behind your cable modem, or do you mean something else.

    If you have multiple machine behind a router, which is using NAT(it must be, if you are on a cable modem anyway, and dont own any ip addresses) both machines are pretty safe from outside attack.

    Unless you make some pretty specific changes to your router/firewall(linksys box I assume) there is no way for someone outside your network to connect to your boxen, unless they manage to compromise your router. Compromising your linksys router is not easy, but, for one who is truly determined, it isn't terribly difficult either. Make sure taht you are not allowing managemtn of the router from the WAN port, and also, make sure that you have updated the firmware on the router to the latest version. Setting one of machines up to grab the logs from the router, and reviewing them from time to time is a good idea as well.

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    I have a Linksys Router install and I have to tell you that since that, I NEVER saw Norton Firewall tell me I have been attack since, before I install it, I was being scan for all kind of Trojan and now, nothing. Tha Nat Firewall inside Linksys is doing a pretty good jobs.

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    I run a Linksys BEFSR41 router with a EZXS88W switch. Behind a DPX110 Cable Modem. It works like a charm I have logging enabled and use a program called WallWatcher. I love to see it in action.
    The only problem I have had is. Sometimes if I lose power the router reverts back to the default password. Being how you can access the setup from a browser.
    On a better note. With the latest firmware upgrade it comes with a new goodie attached an itergrated with it.
    Quote from the site: "firmware version 1.42.3 that supports enhanced Internet security using ZoneAlarmPro TM and PC-cillin "
    So after I upgraded my firmware I went into the setup and suprise. It's right there. An interface for Zone Alarm. You can now allow ZA to manage the router for you and view the logs from ZA as well. This along with the built in NAT addressing should give you peace of mind. Just be carefull running some game servers because you have to set them in the DMZ to run it. Because the port forwarding in the router just don't swing some game servers if you ever run one.

    Hope this helps, just my $.02 worth.....
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