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Thread: Routing connections?

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    Question Routing connections?

    Now i hear that hackers some how route connections around the world, so that the traces take longer to complete. Now i want to know if this is true, how it works, how to do it, and is there freeware that will do it for me. \thx

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    ok i believe what your talking about is about is setting up proxy's when you use a proxy all your packets are routed through a computer some where else. then that computer pretends like it is your computer and get the info back. then sends it to you. so if you plann on doing some thing that you don't want traced back to you find some anynomous proxy's and string them together. so that your proxy sends its requests to the next proxy and then that proxy sends its requests to the next and so on down the line. no keep in mind that this will really slow down your connection and put your ping way over 200 if your playing counter strike

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    hmm yeah it is done through proxys and shell accounts..
    mr cracker uses numbers of proxys then loads winnuke in a shell account..

    thats why my friend who owns Hackers Inc and Unix Hideout stoped giving shell accounts coz someone used the shell account we gave him/her to hack into the FBI website.. and well Hackers Inc and Unix Hideout was down for a while and we transfered some files in the Hackers Inc server coz the shell account was in the Unix Hideout server and the feds wont let us use the server till the investigation was over.. but this was few months ago..

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    Chaining proxies. Find some overseas anon public proxies. Chain them together and they have at it. An example is to surf anon, chain them in your browser is simple enough.
    Just a very simple example. You can go to or and they have freeware that will find free non-anon and anon public proxys. Then chain them for you so you can surf. As far as using them for sinister puposes. You're on your own on that one.
    Hope this helps.
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    Didn't I see another thread where a kid in the US was arrested with heavy handed tactics? He said he was using 5 proxies, if I remember right, still he got caught out.

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    hrmmm 5 whole proxies.....thats too easy. Datastream cowboy used to go around the world 2-3x before he got to his target. My suggestion if you are even thinking about doing this. Don't even consider it.
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