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Thread: hiding your IP?

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    hiding your IP?

    I do not know too much about proxies? But I do believe that you could connect through them and virtually hide your IP while on the net. How is this accomplished? and is it really worth the trouble, because eventually eveything could be tracked back to you....

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    Is it worth the trouble: Yes and no. Depends on why you're using it. There are different ways to go through proxies for every program you want to do it with, but you could get a prog called proxomitron and it'll help you out a ton. Search on google for it.

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    Proxomitron is a brilliant little tool that Terr put my onto a few months ago. You can't beat it.

    Although, there are a few online anonymous surfing tools such as Safeweb. I've heard all sorts of rumours concerning safeweb. The best one was that it was sponsered by the CIA! LOL... The only downfall is that you now have to pay for the privillege of using it...

    A free online tool can be found at Siegesurfer. I think it only gives you a trial though.

    Anyway, they're out there, ya just gotta look!

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    I had this discussion a few times on IRC about how to hide your IP. Just ask jparker[] about it.
    This is an example of how an 'anonymous' proxy works:

    You --> 'Anon Proxy' --> Pr0n Site

    Now, if you were to do something malacious, the proper authorities would still be able to find your IP.

    "But I have an anon. proxy and they cant see me.."

    - Ermm.. No. If you were to be in some sort of trouble how do you think that they would find you?

    Pr0n Site - "Hey it wasn't us, those packets came from "

    Anon.Proxy - "Ahem.. pssst, he's not really here.
    He came from

    You - "Awww ****, how'd you find me? I didn't do it!"


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    This is discussed before at this thread:

    look at the posts there

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