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    Can anyone help me please? I was online today then all of a sudden I get this Fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0167:BFF9DFFF then it say's W.A.O.L caused a general protection Fault in module TRID_P3DDRV at 0001:00002fa9. My computer performance is lagging its a lot slower than it use two be. What is causing this promblem to occur? (O.S win98s.e)?

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    Well... AOL is probably munching on you RAM... Try a program called MemTurbo ( http://~Download Here ).. Its a program that automatically defragments your RAM... Set it up so the recovery point is 32 megs and the final recovery is 92 megs.. Hope this helps

    BTW If you have a Trident video card it could be that.. AOL caused a error in your video card drivers...

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    TRID= Trident
    P3DDRV=?3D Driver

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    just run defrag and scandisk. *shrug* see what that does

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    Do you have this problem on a regular base?
    Yes? than it could be the trident like mentioned above... otherwise it is just M$ normal behavior.
    about your performance; next to the things suggested above, check for unneeded services (could be a virus/trojan/logger)

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