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    Question Wargames (was Honey Pots)!

    I haven't been here for a few days but noticed the "FreeAgent" fiasco. Well, I also noticed the expectation of a few folks of the chance to do some "Hacking". I too would have loved to know what tools and what could be done. What was very interesting was the replies and results of some of the attempts. It was great to a newbie like myself.

    This then brings a question to mind. HAS ANYONE HERE OPENED A war game sever?

    A few weeks ago I posted a question about the difference between "Crackers" and "Hackers", I want to learn the art and science of hacking.
    To learn to hack and find holes in systems and networks requires the access of such. Now, I have a few systems at home, but not the room to set it up like I want to to lean. And besides that, my wife is pissed at me with all the books and junk lying around. I also at this point only have a 56k connection and not the resouces to get a static IP and other such things.

    I want to learn security. I want to know about the tools. I want to know how it's done and how it can be prevented. I bought books, read articles, downloaded tutorials and everything else that I could, but that will not compare to actually having the abitlity to "hack" a real live system.

    I do not want to do anything illegal. I have six children and a lovely wife. But I do want to learn this as I believe this is the the job of the future. Now I don't know about you all, but I can't afford the $3-4,000 for the classes, and as of yet which schools and certificates are the best ones to go with. The only way that I can do this is to have a site which allows you to try and learn from. Has Antionline ever though of opening such a thing, along with a forum to post info on it. Or are there any members here that have the means to open such a sever?

    I have been in many "security" sites. they all have a lot to look at. But nowhere have I found a "hands on" site that allows one to download tools, understand the cracker mind set, posts the results..ect..ect. I know that it could be somewhat hard to manage, but perhaps a "White Hat" team and a "black Hat" team could be set up...perhaps there are a few members who live near each other could host and be the white hats...

    Am I asking too much?...Am I making sense? or maybe there is such a place already and someone here could inform me of it. I'll tell ya, if I had the resources, I set such a place up and I think it would be the most visited site on the net.

    I apologize if such a question has already been covered...
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    hmmm well im sure u heard of wargames... some websites offer wargames for people that are willing to learn "hands on" experience.. and i think dynamic IP address is an advantage coz no one can easily track you down.. problem with 56K though is coz its slow..

    Anyway, few of us are suggesting to have an AO wargame.. specially for AO members and well there are rules and regulations like a member must reach certiain number of antipoints to qualify.. and all that... but thats just a proposal.. JP havent aproved it yet.. but we sure hope he does.. So yeah.. just keep in touch..

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    From what I've read, you're basically asking for information about how a machine could be broken into by various tools, exploits, and whatnot. Nothing's wrong with that but you should know that this is gathered by knowledge and working in the field. General principle states that if you can secure a box, you know ways around it. Best advice is to stick around here and learn more on security, posting what you can for helping others and watching the replies from others.

    As for the honeypot question, there is a big difference between what a honeypot is and what a wargames server is. A honeypot is usually bait for someone who's been trying to get into a server while a wargames is an open server for everyone to try to achieve a goal (get root, get the web server, etc)... I don't know many honeypots out there where the primary goal of said honeypot is for wargame usage.
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    there you go...

    Thanks, I knew that, but that just came to mind. Of course, it can be used to gather info also correct? But thank you for corrections.

    As far as your other points about "working" in the feild, thats an option thats not ther for me right now...wish it was. So my only option right now is to get the self-study hands on that I can. And I plan on sticking around here..I have loved the posts and replies by such folks as yourself. Wish I lived closer to some of you all...its's a bit lonely here in my parts..thank God for the net~~!!!!!
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    Re: Honey Pots

    Just ignore the "FreeAgent" fiasco.
    As for the tools and what not.. did you try this address:
    It's the best H4x0r tool out there. It will show you how to find information on your own, research information, and various other things too!
    Hrmm.. no, I try to avoid being caught in a honey pot. I don't use one but I wouldn't mind learning how to set one up. How many boxes do you have setup?
    Well if you wouldn't make such a mess then perhaps your wife wouldn't be trippin' on ya.
    You should keep it sorta neat and inorder any way. So you'll know what is where among other things. The best advice I can give you is to just keep reading and reading and reading.
    You also need to make sure you know what the material your reading is talking about AND comprehend what it means.. 6 children huh?.. Congrats. I can't afford the $3-4000 for classes either.. that's why there's this thing called "Financial Aid".. look it up.
    The schools don't really matter as much as the certificates and the learning. Hell, the certificates aren't even as important as the learning. It all depends on what career you're going to be in.. you don't want a network certificate and apply for a DBA.
    Antionline has many forums to post on.. if you read the forum you posted to you'll notice that this is in the 'Tutorials forum'.. when it should be in the 'Newbies questions' forum..
    AO is going to be hosting wargames in April I believe.. get your antipoints up and you can compete and test your knowledge there.. Yes, you make a little bit of sense but don't phrase your question like that. Do you know what I mean? Are you still with me? Do you follow?
    BTW, WTF did this have to do with honey pots?


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    It looks like it has nothing to do with honey pots. hahaha.


    I'm going to go with Vorlin on this one. There is such a thing as experience. Take what learning you can on the net and buy some cd/dvd based training packages. Invest in some reliable, aged equipment and work away on it.

    good luck.

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    Thank you all for the replies. I'll look forward to the wargames here..and as far as "financial aid" goes...if I could get that I'd get it to help raise the six children!
    my stove is hooked to the internet?

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    When you go to enroll in a college or what ever it is you'd like to be traning in,
    you can ask the secretary or some one about it. Some of the grants don't have
    to be paid back at all.. some of them have to be paid back after you get out of
    what ever it is your taking... I could go on about it but you can find the same
    information if you LOOK IT UP YOUR SELF.


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