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Thread: Paranormal Phenomena

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    Lightbulb Paranormal Phenomena

    Greets everyone. I was wondering something.. what's your view on the paranormal?
    Do you believe in the paranormal? Do you think such things as aliens, UFOs, ghosts/Polergeists, vampires, and other strange entities exists? What do you think really happened in Area 51? Here's a few links that may be of interest to you..but then again, may be not. We all have different views and opinions. I'd like to hear what your opinions and views are on the paranormal.

    Mysterious Places
    The Great Pyramids
    Easter Island
    Aztec Culture

    Edgar Cayce
    Ouija Boards

    Time Travel
    Black Holes

    For a more detailed list visit this site.
    Truth is stranger than fiction...


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    I think that the paranormal might be real but I doubt most of it. I think that most of it is just a ploy to get attention but I try to keep an open mind. There is no way to tell if any of it is really true so I won't say that it's a bunch of bs. Thanks for the links.

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    Before I sit down and have a good hard think about my reply I thought I'd just post a link to a "ghost story" site I visit..Some of those stories scare the hell out of me! LOL..

    Castle Of Spirits......

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    well, i'm not sure about the paranormal, although i have seen some things that are kinda strange. it could be tricks your eyes play on you. maybe magnetic fields explain the poltergeist phenomena. i don't believe in vampires. ufos, hmm, there might be life out there, but probably too far for travel.
    D. J.

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    i'ven had some wierd paranormal experiences. so i definately believe in it. just on example for instance,

    my friend K.C. was a really messed up kid, you know out in left field somewhere. but this guy had a demon that haunted him named Grank. At night, Grank would tell K.C. secrets about all of us and our friends that no one but yourself would know about. i almost **** my pants the day he told us about Grank and all the secrets he had been telling him, wouldn't you?

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    5150 you are telling scarry things... urrrhhhh.

    I don't know if I believe in those things... If you think pure rational you cannot believe in those things... but you can also reason that not all things are in the domain of the pure rational thoughts (the a-rational) or you can say that it is rational to believe in those stuff cause you can rationally think that our rationality is limited to a certain degree. just some thoughts

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    Hrm.. I have to agree with you that most of the things that are advertised on TV are just for attention and ratings.. I think that the vast majority of paranormal sitings, reports, etc. on TV is bs.
    But those places like atlantas make you wonder don't they?They're actual places but they hold great mysteries.
    And blackholes.. what would happen if we send a space man in there? Would he come back alive.. or would he even come back at all? WTF is in there? What's on the other side?.....

    Thanks for the ghost story Conf1rm3d_K1ll.. it was kinda creepy though. Your eyes and mind can play tricks on you but what would cause that to happen? I hope that I never meet something like Grank.Hearing and seeing things that aren't really there is some what frightening to me.


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    Re: RA

    Originally posted by Remote_Access_

    And blackholes.. what would happen if we send a space man in there? Would he come back alive.. or would he even come back at all? WTF is in there? What's on the other side?.....
    Blackholes are centres of high gravity, the force from those fields is so strong that even light cannot escape, so the man in the blackhole will be compressed and implode. Ploffffffff man is gone. Off course when you translate this to the general theory of relativity there is no gravity only curvature. The curves are caused by the mass in their field but even without mass the space is curved by it's own field forces.

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    Hrm.. what about prophecies.. That's always interested me (especially the Book of Revelation) , what about the rest of you? Do you belive in ancient predictions and prophecies?


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    The problem with prophecies is that they could be self-full-filling.

    The chanche that things happen are a little higher when some1 says that they are going to happen then when no1 said they are going to happen. Cause there's always 1 that wants them to happen

    But it's still very strange sometimes:

    One night a relative passed away, that night I had a dream and in that dream that relative died, when she died in my dream I woke up and immediatly the phone rang and I heard the bad news... so is this a prophecy? It was very scarry.
    perhaps I had some intuitive feeling that there was something wrong already and I had a dream about that and where the two things (real dead ~ symbolic dead) only coincidence?...?

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