Well, I'll cut straight through the cheese (oops!... that stanks!!!)... I've had a serious change of heart! Any of the regulars in #antionline know that I have long been strongly anti-cheerleader. This weekend, I met several totally awesome cheerleaders who do not fit into my stereotype of them as being stupid, slutty, walking-STD's. These girls were absolutely beautiful, and each had a heart of gold. They've become among my closest friends. And to think that, if I didn't know they were cheerleaders until after I had hung out with them for a while, I never would have given them a chance!!!

This is my official Cease-Fire toward cheerleaders. I encourage others, who wish to remain nameless *cough* stflook *cough* to do the same.

Well, this VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT is now finished. Take care.