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Thread: Think, think, think!!!

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    Question Think, think, think!!!

    Here is a challenging question for all of you who like a...well, challenging question

    NOTE: If you have heard this before, know the answer, or think you have figured it out, reply to the thread, but make your reply HIDDEN by simply checking the 'Hide this Post' checkbox so that others will not see the answer if they want to try figure it out.

    You are in the attic of a building. On the wall there are three numbered light switches.
    Down in the basement are three numbered light bulbs, each is connected to one switch. You don't know which switch is connected to which light. All the bulbs are swithced off to start with.

    You can do what you like with the switches, but once you leave the attic, the attic door will lock and you can't get back in.
    The only place you can go to is the basement (three floors down), where the light bulbs are.

    You have to figure out which switch is connected to which light bulb.

    If you need any clarifications or anything, just reply with your questions.

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    Turn one switch on.
    Turn the next switch on,
    and after a minute,turn it off again.
    Go to basement.
    The light that is on is controlled by switch 1
    the light that is off, but still hot, is switch 2
    cold bulb is switch 3
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    i know the answer to this but its already been answered ((

    BTW the only reason i know the answer is cause i saw it on one of thoes PBS TV shoes and it was a question a kid sent in for 2 idiot kids to try to answer it... and god... i hate kids shows like that.. it made barney look some what interesting = \ but i stuck around just long enough to see the answer to the riddle *waits to be called something mean for watching PBS haha*

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    I think a Forum should be set up for questions like this.

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