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Thread: Good Site Suggestion!

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    Good Site Suggestion!

    Hay hope u read this JP so maybe we could get this ability.

    I would like to have the ability that if i started a thread to have the ability to close the thread and also the ability to kill the thread so it is deleted and no one can access it. This ability would help use that accidently hit NEW THREAD instead of POST REPLY.. And also if we started a fourm and later decided we didnt like it and wanted to get rid of it due to the responses it got or even just think after we post it that it seemed like a dumb topic that we can just get rid of it instead of havin people bish about it..

    I think many of u will agree to this just because i know at one time or another we have hit New Thread and posted a reply before we noticed we didnt hit REPLY and then just edited it sayin what u did on accident and then got flamed for it... its a waste of space and points and time

    So please JP if u read ths.. The people want blue dildos!... erm wait thats american pie 2 ... The people want a deleted button!!!!!!

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    You can delete thread Netsyn - so long as you are the one who started it

    Clik the 'edit' button, at the top is the option to 'delete thread'

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    I'm not about to give each user "moderator" privileges, even over their own threads. There is SOME limited ability to the thread starter now, but I don't see us expanding on it.

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