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Thread: Mail Servers for Windows 2000

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    Mail Servers for Windows 2000

    I'm looking into mail servers for Windows 2000 and damn they are expensive! So far I took a look at exchange, but that costs around $700. I also took a look at Sendmail for NT and that seems really good, but it costs about $500. I checked out and downloaded a few free ones, and they were just terrible.

    So can anyone recommend a decent mail server that runs on windows 2000... preferably one that doesn't cost an arm and leg.

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    take a look at rockliffe mailsite thats what i use

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    Hello jared_c,

    I have used "Internet Anywhere Mail Server" from "" and I did quite like it. It has some nice features and was not that expensive compared to other mail servers.


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    Why not just set up a cheap linux box running sendmail? A P120 with 32 MB RAM should be enough to give sendmail a good platform, plus linux has the security and expandability bonuses. I know you asked for Win2K servers, but a dedicated Linux box with sendmail would be the best option (oh, and maybe a book on configuring sendmail, unless you've done it before, cause it can be a bitch to get working right!!)
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    Rewandythal's right send mail would be your best bet.

    if you want to get something going right away, while your learning sendmail try argosoft. they have a free version. no spyware or third party ads, it easy to configure and can be used with a pop mail client or with an html interface.
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