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Thread: SETI@Home ?

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    Question SETI@Home ?

    Does anyone know of a SETI@Home client for RedHat 7.2?
    I looked at the website but I dont know which one to get

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    sorry.. i know ther is one but i don't have a url...

    for windows users there is something better to do with ur idle processing time..
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    It depends on your system,
    perhaps this is the one you have to get?
    I didn't try it, do not hold me responsible if things go wrong

    i686-pc-linux-gnu- gnulibc2.1

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    i686 pc linux gnu libc 2.1-blah blah blah...

    anywhooo... theres the link for the version Vic recommended... I've run it, and it do work.
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